Complaint policy

As a company, we try to offer services in a good and correct way. It is possible that, despite our efforts, a mistake is made (we’re only human after all) or that you are dissatisfied for another reason. Should this be the case, we invite you to tell us so. We always assume that your complaint is one made in good faith and comes from an honest and well-founded worry. We take any and all complaints very seriously. Moreover, your complaints allow us to right any wrongs and improve our services. 

Many complaints originate out of misunderstandings, which can be resolved in a clarifying conversation. This course of action has our preference, as this allows us to find the origin of the complaint. Are we unable to resolve the issue or would you prefer not to have a direct conversation, then you can formally file a complaint. To do this, you can use our complaint form, which you can download by clicking here. You may address this form to Mr. R.A.M. Reiniers AA or Mr. W.H. Jacobs AA. We aim to answer your complaint within 10 working days. Circumstances may prevent us from doing so, but you will always receive a notification of this along with information about the procedure. 

Lastly, we advise you that we, due to professional regulations, we record complaints and use them in the evaluation of our services. We will naturally treat your complaint with the utmost care and confidentiality.